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calcaneal osteotomy - operative indications
calcaneal osteotomy - operative considerations

Calcaneal osteotomy-The lateral approach

Calcaneal osteotomy-Osteotomy location

Calcaneal osteotomy - Mobilising the heel

Calcaneal osteotomy-Moved as far medially
calcaneal osteotomy - post operative
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Calcaneal osteotomy-The lateral approach

Calcaneal osteotomy - The lateral approach
An Atkins type lateral approach is used to access the calcaneum for calcaneal osteotomy. It is important to raise full thickness fascio-cutaneous skin flaps. The bone is first identified at the apex of the incision (1), and then dissection proceeds in opposite directions (2), one Wests Retractor placed deeply in each end of the wound and putting the deep soft tissues on maximum stretch.